Spamhaus CSS Component of the SBL (CSS)

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As a snowshoe spreads the weight of a traveler across a wide area of snow, snowshoe spammers spread their spam output across many IPs and domains, diluting reputation metrics and evading filters. Snowshoe spammers frequently use many fictitious business names (DBAs), false names and identities, concealed anonymous domains and frequently changing postal dropboxes and voicemail drops to prevent others from connecting snowshoe spam operations to one another and recognizing who is behind the operations and the spam they send.

Spamhaus believes that the problem of snowshoe spam is now large enough to warrant a special response aimed specifically at it. The CSS is their response to this problem, and is a collaborative effort of Spamhaus and the CBL.

We monitor this blacklist since 2015-01-01. More information:

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