Terms of Service

Notice: By using this service, you are agreeing to the following terms.

1. Eligibility of Service

Access to this service is open to everyone. If it is clear to us that you are abusing the system you will be blocked or banned permanently.

2. Liability

You agree to use our services at your own risk and to not hold us liable for any damages for any reason.

3. Cancellation

You may cancel your paid services at any time.

4. Prepaid

The service is offered as is and on best effort service level only. Due to the nature of our prepaid accounts we cannot offer refunds.

5. One account

You as a user (person or company) can have only one account. If we detect multiple accounts we can disable them all.

6. Free accounts

Free accounts are limited to 3 monitors. If you need more we will kindly request you to upgrade to a paid account. Do not create multiple accounts to bypass this limit please. See point 5.

Accounts that cause problems in operating the nomore404.com service for other users can be deactivated at our sole discretion and without notice. In other words: do not try to crash our servers or your account will be closed.

7. Modifications

nomore404 reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which this website is offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the nomore404 website.

8. Termination/Access Restriction

Nomore404 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access to the nomore404.com website and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice.

9. E-mail validation

The right to communicate with you is our only requirement for using our free services. Therefore, if your email does not work or if you unsubscribe from our announcements or notifications, then your account will be subject to deactivation when we clean out accounts. We can send you notifications regarding the service and occasional notices of feature enhancements and new offerings (i.e. no spam!). This rule is in effect because it is extremely difficult to provide support to users who do not receive our communications.

10. Automatic stop

If a website is unreachable for a very long period we can disable this monitor from further testing. You will be notified by e-mail and you can re-enable the monitoring manually.

11. Delivery of alerts

We use standard internet e-mail to alert you by e-mail. We can guarantee and verify we have sent the e-mail. We cannot however guarantee you will receive the message without delay. We use different SMS/TEXT providers to send you SMS/Text message alerts. We cannot however guarantee you will receive the texts without delay. Before you can activate an e-mail address or SMS/Text number we send out a verification email or SMS/Text.

Version 1. Last modified at January 1st 2015.