Frequently asksed questions

Yes you can. Additional monitors are available in the Gold and Platinum plans for $ 1.00 per month.
Both are the same. In some countries Text messaging is called SMS. You will receive free SMS credits when you create an account. You can purchase more SMS credits if needed.
A monitor is a robot that will check a particular service on your server to see if it is "alive". The simplest monitor is the WEBSITE monitor: load the homepage of a website. If it loads without errors your website is up. If it fails from multiple locations around the world your website is probably offline. In the future we will be adding new monitors, one that will track your mail server, or one that monitors the content on certain pages.
We currently have 4 active monitors:
Website/Uptime monitor. This monitor loads your homepage and checks the response. Is the server unreachable or if the response code an error then we will alert you. You can run a quick uptime test now.
Incoming Mail server monitor. This monitor connects to your incoming mail server and tries to set up a simple handshake. If the connection fails or the mail server does not want to play we will alert you.
Name server monitor. This monitor connects to your name server and tries to resolve one host name to an IP address. If this fails we will alert you.
Blacklist/Spam monitor. This monitors checks if your host and/or IP address is listed on one of the 51 blacklists. If you are listed on one we will alert you. You can run a blacklist check now.
All monitors are run from 6 different locations. Each location has multiple servers that can run our monitor software.
Payments are processed by Paypal. They support paypal (duh) and all major credit cards.
We send out an alert when we detect an outage on one of your monitors. We wait a configurable delay before we warn you. We can alert you via e-mail or via SMS/Text. We can also call a page on your server via a HTTP GET or HTTP POST request. See our API documentation for more information.