Quick test

Enter your website URL and we will run a quick test from 6 locations around the world to check if your website is up. We also have a quick blacklist check available where you can check if your server is listed on one of 51 blacklists we monitor.

Instead of running this test manually every day, let NoMore404 do it for you. One of the available monitors is the "Uptime monitor". This monitor will check if your server is reachable from 6 locations around the world every 2 minutes. If not, we will notify you immediately via email and or SMS/Text message.

Start monitoring your server


NoMore404 opens the homepage of your website. If that fails for some reason, your website is unreachable. We will show you why in the "Code" column.

If NoMore404 was able to read your homepage we check for the HTTP Status Code. In short: