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is your website up?
is your mail server up?
is your name server up?
is your server blacklisted?
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Website monitoring service

Your website is offline and you get a call from a customer to find this out? We will keep track of your website(s) and let you know immediately when there is a problem. Next time, be the first to know! Configure e-mail and SMS/Text notifications in just 2 simple clicks.

Before alerting you, an outage is confirmed from a different location, on a different continent. We want to minimize the potential of false positives.


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Our free trial plan offers all the services you need as blogger, webmaster, family album maintainer etc. If you want to monitor more servers, hosts and services you can always upgrade to a premium service for more options and tools.

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How doest it work

We monitor your website from 6 locations around the world. You can set up dozens of alert addresses. Each will be notified by e-mail or SMS/Text after a configurable delay when your website is unreachable.

Your website goes down!

We send a Text to you after 2 minutes

e-mail to the product owner after 45 minutes

These settings are all configurable. Add e-mail addresses, add SMS-numbers and set delays.

Quick Tests


Monitoring Stations

We have 6 active monitoring stations around the world that will monitor your website. If all fail your website is probably down or your hosting provider is having serious network issues.

All our monitoring statis around the world

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Alerts sent immediately

Published: Monday, March 2nd 2015.

We have analyzed all available data and decided to drop the two minute delay in sending notifications. You can now select "immediately" (or 0 minutes) as a possible delay. When we find an outage we will notify you within seconds. On average the time to sent (and receive) an e-mail is 10 seconds, and for SMS/Text messages that is even faster.

If you want to change the delay before we contact one of your addresses: log in to your account and go to the "Addresses" page and click on the address you want to change.

This new option applies to the POST and GET addresses too.

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